Love for the earth always bears good fruit

Discover the characteristics of a type of rice which is unique in the world and which was born thanks to the encounter between tradition and innovation, an Italian product which was selected with care and respect for the earth.


Riso Rosa Verelé

Riso Rosa Verelé is a type of rice with intense shades of grey and purple when raw, which then change to a soft pink during cooking, an extraordinary product with a marked aroma which enables our palate to distinguish it and at the same time to balance itself with other flavours, especially  with herbs, flowers and vegetables of intense flavours.

The typical crunchiness of its body gives vivacity and elegance to any preparation, making each dish a real experience of taste.

It is more than just rice

It is the passion

for an activity transmitted from generation to generation with dedication and love

It is the innovation

at the base of an elegant and precious product with characteristics that are unique in the world

It is the respect

in equal measures of the people and the environment during each phase of processing

It is the desire

to share friendly moments of happiness and lightheartedness with loved ones

100 % Italian

A product which is grown, processed and packaged in the Vercelli countryside

From father to son

To get to know Riso Rosa Verelé it is important to understand its characteristics, its qualities and, first of all, its history.

Our story has its roots in the vast plains of the Vercelli area and in the profound teachings that our families have managed to pass on to us year after year, grain by grain, turning our two dreams of 25 hectares into established businesses, which are projected towards the future and in step with the most recent technological innovations.


 Discover our Chef’s recipes to make each dish unique
and to have fun in the kitchen creating new combinations and new flavours!

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Friendship, history, values and innovation are the ingredients that give meaning to this tasty reality. 
Because it is known that: 
Love for the earth always bears good fruit.