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Cinque Quinti

Discover the proposals for an Easter which is signed Five Fifths and Pink Verelé Rice.


Campania Food Lovers, 21/01/2021

The famous Campania Food Lovers page highlights the characteristics of Pink Verelé Rice through its Instagram profile.


Gourmagazine, 24/01/2021

"Verelé is a new variety of rice, born in Italy and unique in its kind, distinguishing itself in the field through a natural crossbred syst..."


Ricette e Racconti di Riso, 06/03/2021

"Born on the outskirts of Vercelli, this rice undergoes a real “whitening”. In practice, the black pericarp is removed... "

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Friendship, history, values and innovation are the ingredients that give meaning to this tasty reality. 
Because it is known that: 
Love for the earth always bears good fruit.