Year after year,
grain by grain

To know what Riso Rosa Verelé is, it is important to understand its characteristics, its qualities and, first of all, its history.
Our story has its roots in the vast plains of the Vercelli area and in the profound teachings that our families have managed to pass on to us year after year, grain by grain, turning our two dreams of 25 hectares into established businesses, which are projected towards the future and in step with the most recent technological innovations.


of rice have been registered in over 15 years of natural experimentation and accurate selection


of history and passion among the fields of the Vercelli area offering the highest quality every day


of rice produced every hour in total respect of the environment and of raw materials


of rice fields which have been treated according to teachings of tradition and the potential for innovation


It was in the green countryside of the Vercelli area that more than eighty years ago the entrepreneurial spirit of our grandparents led to the birth of two small businesses with great goals. 
The love for their land and the passion for their work allowed the two businesses to strengthen and grow under the guidance of their children, who passed the baton on to us to continue this precious family tradition.


To optimize work in the fields without sacrificing the quality of raw materials, we studied the “Minimum tillage system”, a set of soil tillage techniques that prepare the seedbed with fewer steps, almost completely abandoning conventional plowing.


The curiosity towards different types of crops and the innovations related to their processing led us to devote ourselves to the study and production of wheat, maize, soybeans, rapeseed and beans.  This opportunity allowed us not only to expand the production sector, but above all broaden the knowledge of the land and its fruits.


The studies which were conducted for the production of corn provided us with the necessary basis for applying the dripline irrigation system in sub-irrigation and fertigation to rice, a technology that optimizes the use of water and reduces waste.


To effectively maintain the growth of the rice we designed a weed cleaning tool, a trailed blade system capable of cutting the grass above the rice level, and via a double step process, after ten days, prevent its growth.


Our experience as creators of plant varieties and the continuous research carried out have resulted in the inclusion of Apache Red, a particular quality of rice which was born after more than fifteen years of studies.


The constant search for innovative and high-quality products did not stop at Apache Red and, two years after its registration, Havana Gold (a brown rice that stands out for its colour, aroma and crunchiness) and Nairobi were born.


The gratifying and continuous path in experimenting with new varieties led us to Verelé, the undisputed protagonist of our company and of the dishes that enhance its flavour, a type of rice which is capable of giving a colour to the black and white dreams of our grandparents: pink.

Logo rosa

Strada Rabeto, 10 
13044 Crescentino (VC)

Via Torquato Tasso, 1
13040 Fontanetto Po (VC)

Friendship, history, values and innovation are the ingredients that give meaning to this tasty reality. 
Because it is known that: 
Love for the earth always bears good fruit.