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Sebastiano Zorgno

Sebastiano Zorgno

Sebastiano, who was born in 1999 in Morano sul Po, a small town in Monferrato, is a young chef who immediately believed in our project.

 A lover of life and his work, Sebastiano manages to convey passion and energy through his dishes and his words: you only have to listen to him to clearly understand his ambition and hunger for personal and work growth.

“I achieved my diploma in enogastronomy from the Sergio Ronco Hotel Management and Catering Institute in Trino Vercellese, which was able to offer me a solid foundation in the field of catering, giving me the opportunity to experience first-hand the hard, beautiful job of being a cook. I was fifteen when, working at Balin, a small gourmet restaurant in the heart of the checkered sea – the area of ​​the Vercelli rice fields – I understood that that would be my future. It has given me an immense love for this world, for the cuisine that has made me feel more and more as part of myself. “

His young career began in a starred restaurant on the port of Cesenatico, continuing in the Dolomites and stopping on the shores of Lake Maggiore at Villa and Palazzo Aminta, a leading 5-star hotel.

 “I participated in the 2018 edition of the “Salone del Gusto” in Turin with the current chef of the Ducati, Matteo Casadio, later becoming manager of Enrico Bartolini’s bistro at the Locanda del Sant’uffizio in Cioccaro: this allowed me to make a qualitative leap and become assistant chef in a restaurant in the Langhe. “

 During 2020 he entered the “Nuovirisi” project, directly testing the new Rosa Verelé Rice and experimenting with imaginative recipes that were capable of enhancing its aromaticity and unique taste.

Pink in the kitchen

Discover our Chef’s recipes to make each dish unique and have fun in the kitchen creating new combinations and new flavours!

Prawn in a rice field

Pink rice cooked in chamomile, Mazara prawn carpaccio and buffalo mousse

Spring in the Vercellese

Pink rice with reduction of charred onions and vanilla powder

Citrus Scents

Pink rice with candied lemon and liquorice powder

Treasures of Alba

Pink rice with white truffle and raisin wine nuances

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